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Our heritage

Makris since 1965

"Cheese making, as our ancestors"

3 generations of cheese making

The story of Makris family in cheese-making begins from the sheepfolds and meadows in the village of Matsοuki, mountains of Tzoumerka, where our grandfather, a "Vlachos" by origin, started making cheese a century ago and later our father. Our origin makes the art of cheese-making for us the most important part of our history and inheriting it we combine the passion, love, pride and care for our cheese. For a century now, guided by the traditional recipe that we inherited from our grandfather and father, we evolve our techniques and invest in the best equipment and in continuous training of our staff.

Now, as the third generation of our family we continue traditions of many years producing authentic hard cheeses. We produce traditional cheese using exclusively fresh sheep and goat milk, traditional rennet and salt. Although over the years we develop our facilities with modern technological machinery for transport, milk analysis, and cheese packaging we remain firm on our traditional recipe as we are the only cheese factory that still uses manual way of making cheese.

We follow curtain principles:

  • commitment to quality
  • respect for the consumer
  • we love what we do
  • we make cheese in the classic traditional way
  • we are faithful to our traditions

For the preparation of our cheeses we still use the traditional bag, as our ancestors continue to teach us about authenticity for our products. We produce cheese as they did in the old days and this can be seen in our products. Our dedication to the traditional methods of cheese production in combination with our taste and knowledge, are guarantee of excellent quality. Every day we develop our techniques and invest in the best technological equipment without hindering our delivery. People prefer us because they know that they will taste a cheese rich in nutrients, genuine, authentic and quality without a trace of preservatives. A cheese that has been made with love and passion.