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Our cheese factory

Company profile

All our cheeses are handmade. We control the preparation of each cheese throughout its production. We check our cheeses daily, each head separately, we observe them, in order to achieve the authentic quality and taste that distinguishes us from the others.

Our philosophy

We give great importance to our milk, as it plays a key role in the quality of our cheeses.Our milk becomes cheese within a few hours of milking the sheep. This is very important. We have established a long-term cooperation with our breeders, thus ensuring a stable quality of raw material for the production of our cheese products. We collect our milk daily with privately owned truck tanks to over 150 breeder families in the wider area of ​​Aitoloakarnania. We select exclusive herds of local animals that graze freely in mountain pastures in our area. The best thing for our cheese is a healthy herd that feeds freely in the mountains and breathes fresh air. The factors that determine the quality of cheese are our craftsmanship in cheese-making and our fresh quality milk. Fresh milk in cheese-making gives high quality characteristics to the cheese we produce.
  • We are a fully integrated cheese factory from the collection of milk to the storage of our cheeses.
  • We collect fresh sheep and goat milk daily with our privately owned trucks, communication with our shepherds is daily to ensure the quality of the milk we supply.
  • We carefully examine the milk before starting any cheese production process, observing all safety and quality standards.
  • We start to cheese the milk using our traditional methods but also combining technological equipment where necessary. By adding only traditional rennet and salt we ensure the purity and authenticity of our cheeses.
  • Our cheeses mature in our cellars, remaining on wooden shelves under ideal humidity and temperature conditions for at least 3 months.
  • Once they are ripe, our cheeses are packaged so that they are ready to be stored in our cold rooms until they end up at your table.