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Makris since 1965

"Authentic flavors of tradition from award-winning cheeses"


We have won several awards in various tasting competitions but what counts for us is the trust and love that consumers show for our products. They support and prefer us. For us this is very important and gives us the strength to continue to produce and satisfy our customers with the most authentic cheese in the Greek market.


Our company carries out daily inspections. It is certified for PDO products. (Kefalograviera and Feta) by Agrocert and implements a certified food hygiene and food management system EN ISO 22000: 2018.

Customers comments:

It is very important for us that our customers express their love and preference.

Dear Sirs, 18/2/20

Makri and son! ... Good morning

I felt the great need to write you a few words of congratulations and ours thank you all for the unique delicious taste of your kefalograviera! Although I am a Cretan girl, and I know very well from delicious cheeses, when I tried yours, I felt a delicious take-off in taste, responsibility, unique quality… but above all ethos and… .love, for what you do for all of us consumers your.We know very well your endless effort and untold fatigue, but all of us, rest assured that we understand it, we receive all this, so wherever I am and wherever I stand, I say only good words for you, you deserve it, keep going always by your side, close to you and we are proud of you. The brand, your name guarantee non-negotiable. Now with closed eyes we will choose you. Have health and the Virgin Mary on your way

With great pleasure and infinite thanks